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Porting Quake/ioq3 maps to Tesseract- Is it Possible?

Hey guys,

So i'm working with a friend on revamping an old FOSS game called Tremulous (you may have heard of it) and we're trying to use the Tesseract game engine to power it. Naturally, we would like to keep the player models and maps from the old game as a place to start from.

We've extracted the pk3's (Tremulous started out as a total conversion mod of Quake 3 Arena) of the maps and player info and have bsp files of the maps with a bunch of jpeg files for our textures and and skyboxes. As for player info, we have jpegs of our players and animation info for each player model.

I'm seeing that in the source code repo, all the textures should fit nicely into media/texture after a quick conversion to the .png file format.

But what should I do about having several custom player models and animations?

Thanks so much for your help.



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Re: Porting Quake/ioq3 maps to Tesseract- Is it Possible?

The animation format is pretty flexible in that most models in Cube 2 engine and its derivatives are actually configured by CubeScript .cfg files that specify pretty much everything rather than take the information from the model.

I hope you also understand that Quake-style BSP maps and Cube 2's octa maps are radically different and there's no reasonable way to convert them. While in some extreme cases you could try just exporting those maps as like an OBJ model, the per-triangle collision in Cube 2 is rather finnicky because we rely on the octanode collision for most things instead. More realistic scenario is you have to rebuild the maps by hand.


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Re: Porting Quake/ioq3 maps to Tesseract- Is it Possible?

Have you thought about trying to just port the files over to Q2PRO or maybe even the Q2RTX engine? Might be less hassle given that its moving something from the original quake engine to a modified version of it?


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