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Map: Arch [Duel]

Arch ||| Suiseiseki


Small duel map, created months ago, and finished now. My inspiration for this was in my old Sauerbraten map "Mint", which was clearly made with Linux Mint in mind, same as this should "look like" Arch in terms of design, from my point of view. There is also map "Kali", and I'll port over Mint sometime later... Map originally had green areas with bushes and trees, but it didn't really improved look or play, so I removed it. :)

[Download link]:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xkdysu … sp=sharing

Cheers, Suisei


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Re: Map: Arch [Duel]

Hey Suiseiseki, glad to see something new from you. :)
I like the simple but effective layout (the gameplay is smooth enough, to me) also the care for small details you put in your works. I think the map would've benefited from a little vegetation, but I understand why you've removed it, considering the small size of the level.

My only two suggestions are of aesthetic nature (click on the images to enlarge):

1) I'd introduce a few variations and detail on the boxes (mine is just an example).
2) I'd add something catchy inside of those "pools" (I'm pretty sure once they were flowerbeds).
Death Rays
Obviously these are negligible details, but sufficiently relevant to further improve the aesthetics of an already nice map. Oh, and If you ever plan to implement those rays, please don't forget adding "death" material below. :D

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