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Hello everybody

This is my first time posting here even though I'm not new to Tesseract nor Sauerbraten.
I've been following the Sauerbraten forum, this forum and Quadropolis for years now but didn't have the time to post and contribute something serious.

I've discovered Sauerbraten in 2011 and I played the hell out of it until now, even though I didn't play it online much. I fell in love with that game and was fascinated by this engine since then.

Along with gardening and music, another thing I have a passion for is video games. I grew up playing lots and lots of games and always wanted to create my own since I was a kid.
Because of this I love to fiddle around with my computer and create various stuff.

In the past years I have learned to edit videos, use some sound editing software to create my own sounds and mess around with image editing softwares in attempt to create simple icons and particles and modify textures.
In 2014 I decided to do something concrete to create my own game, so I started studying the Sauerbraten source code and experiment with modifications.
Since then I've kept working on my Sauerbraten modification more or less constantly.

Now that I have upgraded to a new laptop and can run Tesseract without problems, I decided to port the features I added in my Sauerbraten mod to Tesseract.

I plan to upload the mod and open a dedicated topic as soon as I fix some things in the code so you can all try it out and have a say.

Looking forward to contribute to the main Tesseract project and Sauerbraten in some way.


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Re: Hello everybody

Heyo, Daemes aka 7YearBitch aka Suiseiseki here... :)

First of all, welcome! Your mod rocks. I'm working on mod for Tesse too, but I'm focusing more on aesthetic and environmental part of the game (even less gunz...). If you're interested in making something "more than a mod", like game based on Tesseract Game Engine, you can find me on Discord or e-mail, and of course to chat, not to make work contracts... I adore how Tesse works, but I'm not a fan of C++ and OpenGL, so I only edit console-related code and little bit of HUD elements. What I like more is making models, textures and maps, and I'm trying to make .iqm player model now...


Cheers, good luck with your mod :3


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