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Map: Spaceport


The first map I made that feels like it could be played on.
I would love some feedback.
You can download it here.

Here are some more images: https://imgur.com/a/wJKp4Mx

- ColdIV

Update: I now consider this map finished and move on to other projects.
Sure it could need some more details, but it's (at least for me) perfectly playable and fun. :)

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Re: Map: Spaceport

First of all, I'm glad that Tesseract has new mapper, keep up the good work :)

Second, it's very well made for first playable map, considering that you made door trims, some diagonal walls, and mapmodel placement makes sense. I've play-tested the map quick (I suck at fragging), and clipping and spawnpoints were good, and waypoints are okay too, tho I like to 'fill out' flat-floor surfaces with them. I also like the fact that you wrote .cfg file, made waypoints for map, and added mapshot (preview of map, by the way, with same resolution that 'lightspeed' mapshot has :3), and I must say that those 3 things many mappers skip, so great work on that.

Know that every next map you make will be 20-40% better, and don't give up ;)
One thing I would encourage you to do, is to make more geometry details, but that really comes with time, as you make maps more, you learn more about it... And again, for first playable map, this is great.

P.S. That teleport rocks!

Cheers, Suiseiseki :3


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Re: Map: Spaceport

Looking good! Very nice for a first playable.  The slight openness is good for insta/duels.  I like it overall. I hope you had fun making it!

There are various things that you may consider improving throughout the map::

Some other basic wall details maybe, to compensate for the surplus of wall texture.


This jumppad could be tweaked.  Seems a tad bit powerful.


Not sure if intentionally untrimmed or forgotten, though to me this area and others could use some trims.


For these lights, I would recommend to move the middle light further out, and give it a bigger radius.  For the 2 smaller lights that stay at the 'light', give them a radius of 30, and change the 5th attribute to '1'. 
5th attributes: 0 = shadowing (lowest performance), 1 = kinda like noclip lights, they go through everything, no shadowing. (highest performance), 2 = geometry shadowing, (medium performance).





In the orange room, the floor trims by the wall could use geometry.


In the orange room, you might consider a middle texture, to make the orange less intense.



In the 'B' room, you may consider slanted walls around the ceiling.



Lastly, some big windows on the sides could be cool.
Use geometry + /alpha + /vrefract (scale) (r) (g) (b) to match the glass colour.  Alternatively vcolor.
Example /vrefract .25 .25 .8 .8 would give a moderate dark-cyan colour, as well as refraction as seen with glass.



In conclusion, very nice for a first playable! The teleport is pretty awesome too!  :J


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Re: Map: Spaceport

Thanks for your feedback!
Details really aren't what I'm best at but I am improving and you helped a lot.

Got logged out while writing the answer, so now in short. :X

I added/changed most of the stuff you recommended, what I didn't add are the side windows (it looks a bit weird if only the one side has that window but I can't add it on the other side due to the teleport... may change my mind, really like the side window) and I haven't changed the lights, do you recommend it due to performance or for appearance? Because I didn't see a huge difference after changing a few so I left them as they were because it's an annyoing task and I am lazy. ;)

I also tried some stuff with the waypoints but I feel like the bots move "weird" if I "fill" the ground, so I tried to add more without completly filling it. Will look into it again when the rest is done.

The download link in the startpost should be up-to-date.
(No images this time, I am tired...)

Edit: The spawnpoint next to the teleport is now centered unter the window, I added it to make camping at this spot harder. I didn't update the download though, because I only changed this one thing.

- ColdIV

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