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Revelade Revolution : Tesseract Edition

Hello everyone! I am very happy to announce my team and I have been working on taking Revelade Revolution and moving it over to the Tesseract Engine. In addition to all the updated features that the more modern Tesseract engine offers we will also be adding all of the features that have already been in Revelade Revolution.

Here is a run down of the game and its features:

  Class Guide

Revelade Revolution has four classes to choose from. Your class can be changed at the “Customize” menu. Each class has different weapons, moves at a different speed, and spawns with different amounts of health and armor. In team modes it is important to have a mix of classes in your group for versatility.

Weapons: Slugshot, Assault Rifle, Grenadier, Chainsaw Health: 90 Armor: Green Armor, 50 Movespeed: 80 This is the class for assaulting guarded bases or flags and getting quick kills. You have more health than any other class and you spawn with Green Armor that will keep you alive until you find better. Your shotgun can easily get one shot kills on unarmored nearby enemies, while the Assault Rifle can mow down crowds of zombies and other players. The Grenadier helps to kill hiding enemies and lay traps. In raw killing power, there is no beating Offense.

Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Chainsaw Health: 80 Armor: Yellow Armor, 60 Movespeed: 75 This class is powerful and dangerous because of their deadly Rockets and their Sniper Rifles with infared vision. This class is great for when you need some extra firepower, or for defense of course. Their weakness lies in the slow movement speed and they are not the class for when you need to get around quickly or take flags. But remember, there is no hiding from Defense, not even behind walls or underground.

Weapons: Flame Jet, Grenadier, Crossbow, Chainsaw Health: 70 Armor: Blue Armor, 25 Movespeed: 115 The Stealth class moves very quickly. They can be in and out a base with the other teams flag in an instant and they are quick to get across a map. With a jetpack on the Flame Jet also, this is by far the most mobile class. They are also thankfully hard to hit, to make up for their lower health and armor. You will also find their flamer is good for zombie hordes, but they will die easily if hit.

Weapons: Crossbow, Healer, Pistol, Chainsaw Health: 60 Armor: Green Armor, 50 Movespeed 100 As their name implies, Medics can heal other players. They have a long range Healer that gives 30 health points to players that it hits. You can carry a lot of ammo for this, making the Medic a mobile health supply. While weak in combat, they are the most tactically useful class and you will want to be sure to have a few Medics on your team.

Game Modes:


This mode is a team-play mode, with Scavengers and Survivors against each other as usual, but there is also an infection affecting both teams. Some unlucky players spawn as zombies and they need to pass their infection on to somebody else to be cured, leaving them with only a chainsaw until they find ammo. Killing these zombies will get you a frag while killing the other team does not, but it gets them out of your way and you don’t lose points so why not? The team with the most frags wins. Don’t infect your teammates, it’s pointless to get be cured and ready to kill zombies if one of your teammates becomes a zombie in the process. Instead lower the other team’s numbers by infecting them!

Coop Survival

Zombies will constantly spawn after you and all the other players, on one team. The rounds last a minute and a half and whoever kills the most infected wins the round. Then the next will start and this will go on until the game is over and whoever won the most rounds wins the game. Remember, you can still buy supplies in Coop.

Also, don’t learn the hard way not to shoot your teammates, it’s not worth it.

Survival (DMSP)

This is a classic zombie mode. It is round based, very easy at the beginning, but more zombies spawn every round. If you can make it far enough, you can have hundreds of zombies spawning. You will not survive, it’s a matter of delaying the inevitable as long as possible…

Conveniently, zombie guts are used as currency in Revelade Revolution. Press B to bring up a menu that lets you purchase supplies, support, and quad damage. At the end of you get a score equal to how many zombies you killed with a modifier based on your difficulty.

Other modes will be added in the future!

Here are some useful links....

Our website http://theintercoolergames.com/revelade-revolution/

Git website https://gitlab.com/revelade-revolution/

Discord https://discord.gg/p5Wh3xh

We are looking for people that are willing to test the game as well as give feedback to the team to help making the game fun and enjoyable for all to play.

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Re: Revelade Revolution : Tesseract Edition

Keep in mind that the game is still on it's early stages of development/implementation of the old mechanics.
But here's a small screenshot from the hospital map :

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ … l_edit.png


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