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Forming Mature Team

I'm unsure if this is the appropriate place to post this if not my apologies to the admins.

Hi Folks my names QuantumD or you can call me mike, I am a all round enthusiast jack of all trades master of none you may say when it comes to game creation. I have been working on several small projects over the years nothing much to show for it most of it is lost in a file in a computer somewhere. None the less i continue trying my best to develop and familiarize myself with as many engines as possible and do what i can. I briefly went to school for game design and animation, but due to life circumstances had to withdraw from the program. I specialize in Terrain/Map Development/ Game Design setting the groundwork and fine details for atmospheric games something similar to what you might find in the popular title Myst developed by cyan worlds inc. Or the game Dream developed by HyperSloth or even The Stanley Parable developed by Galactic Cafe. Many other similar titles are out there that would fit my niche. I have worked on a game titled COLD with a team i was Head of sound fx first time doing it no experience i made all the sounds in the game and mysteriously the team vanished with all of our work i had put in. It was sad but these things happen sometimes.

That's a little about me a little background of who i am it doesn't even scratch the surface but i hope it gives you a little idea about me and the direction i want to move in.

I am attempting to form a small team to make a game with either this engine or possibly another. i would really like to see something done with this engine but if we have to i am willing to convert to another engine to develop on.

I'm asking for a commitment of at least 1 hour a week

It will be similar to the titles listed above so if your not already familiar with the above titles go do your research. This game will be inspired from those.

I am absolutely willing and want collaboration but if you want to come and change everything and do it your way don't waste all of our times. We're here to be a team and make something spectacular, together! Not its your way or no way, you wont get far making games with people in this industry with that attitude.

All Communications will be done through email these forums or skype. Skype will always be used for Team Meetings.

Preferably based in North America makes it easier to schedule

18 + ADULT MATURE  I'm only interested in working with people above age 18

Please reply to this post or send me a message or email through here.  Thank you for your time look forward to meet you!


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Re: Forming Mature Team

I love enviromental Art though the skill eludes me. I can mildly do modeling and uv mapping but mainly program, though my texture on the general are decent, the whole making it 3d is harder for me.

Some questions,

Have you checked out my Rival development mod? (Here)
How long have you known about or used the cube/tesseract engines?
Can you code? If so how well and can you C++ code?
What is your development plan and timeline for said game?
If not this engine what engines are you considering?
Do you have a game design document (if not this is pretty much a must to create a good cohesive well rounded game)?

So you like 3d puzzle games with a dash of humor (me too ;P though stanley parable was alright but not great in my opinion). But I like the genre plus its a good inde markable game that take very little amount of work to develop and is more about the suttlies than the other aspects of the game.

Well if you want to talk then just send back a messag, or email me some chat service (skype or slack or what ever you use) and we can do a little sit down talk about the details.



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