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Compiled list of all guides and Commands

I haven't visited this forum in almost 3 years now, and haven't been using Tesseract at all during that time, but I've got an itch to get back into it.

Problem is, I can't remember even the slightest thing about how to make maps effectively!

Is there a single resource that details how to do basically *everything* in regards to map-making?


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Re: Compiled list of all guides and Commands

Hello BakedToast and welcome back to the forum!
Concerning your request, you can rely on the following list of resources:

- Sauerbraten Basic Editing Tutorial (works for Tesseract too)

- Sauerbraten Editing Reference (most commands and variables work in Tesseract as well)

- Sauerbraten Model Reference (for including mapmodels in your map)

- Tesseract ReadMe (new variables and commands that are Tesseract-specific)

- Mapping Questions and Answers (some aren't included within the reference)

- How To Include Sound Effects (scroll down through the posts)

- How To Add Grass (works slightly different than Sauerbraten)

- How To Export Geometry Into Mapmodels (includes info about prefabs too)

Cheers and happy mapping, hope this will help you! :)

P.S. to the mods: I believe this topic should be pinned for reference purposes.


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