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Snap Rotation of Entities

Hello! I know this forum is probably dead.

I added a door to a building I'm making with snap rotation turned on. I am aware that Tesseract only allows entity rotation on the XY axis. When I "spawned" the door, it was facing myself and not at a perfect 0 or 90 or 180 etc angle (so it would be flush with the wall and ceiling surrounding). Essentially, I have everything perfect about the placement of the door except for the rotation.

I can do scroll wheel + r to rotate it on its messed up axis, but it does it in increments too large to get a fit that looks right (besides, it still wouldn't be a perfect angle. I KNOW it has to be possible - the demo map that the game comes with has tons of entities at perfect angles, like doors.

But how? I would assume that there isn't any key/mouse combo that will snap the rotation automatically, but I guess there is some console command to set the rotation manually. In the properties window of the lower-left corner of the screen, there is one value which I know determines the rotation. But how do I change it? Once I have my door selected, what command can I type to manually set (any of) these values?

Thank you so very much,
Spaceman :D


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