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Fresnel term on world material

Hello, my name is coroner and I am new to tesseract.

I first want to say that I stumbled across the engine by chance and I am blown away. I come from the idtech3 universe and I am impressed with the renderer and its performance. To my knowledge, none of the many idtech3 projects reached such a complete, clean and fast new renderer.

Coming from idtech, I also like that the engine and defining, e.g., materials is still "close to the metal" and as a coder you can script your materials. (If you look from the perspective of an artist, that is old school, of course.)

Among many questions that came up during testing the capabilities of tesseract, I stumbled across some (potentially historically developed) inconsistencies between the definition of materials in map models and on world (cube) geometry.

Maybe some pro can answer this questions very fast:

Is it correct that for a texture definition I cannot affect the max and minimum of the fresnel term for the envmapping, like I can in the .cfg file for a mapmodel with the optional parameters after the masks?

Is it also correct that in a tex file I cannot provide a texture as pixel mask for the envmap as in the blue channel of the mask texture of map models?

Sorry for the long posting. Still learning.

Thank you very much for your help,


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Re: Fresnel term on world material

Already solved, I can just pass envmin as shaderparam, like

setshaderparam "envmin" 1.0 1.0 1.0


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