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Gameplay Discussion / Improvements

We can all agree the gameplay could use a little spicing up.

First we'll consider why eihrul did not include FFA in Tesseract.

Pickup-based gameplay like FFA is pretty hazardous.  In Sauer, you're able to control the game via the Quad/HB/YA. You can pile kills on someone, and keep collecting quad/hb/ya and keep piling kills, making it very difficult for the other person to make a comeback.

The gameplay for Tesseract should focus on the casual players.  The players who want to get on, frag some people, and leave.  Just to have fun, rather than spend all this time strategizing on the map and planning 100 steps in advance, picking the perfect path, etc.

This was the initial idea behind the all-instagib gameplay.  There's no strategizing, there's no frustration or timing pickups, you just get on, get some frags, have fun and leave.

And well, that's what I do.  I get on, load some CTF on Desertwind or DM on Lightspeed.  It's fun, just run around and get some frags, if I die oh well, I spawn equally as powerful as the enemy, equally capable, with the only strategizing being aiming better and crouching at the right times.


"There is no gameplay in Tesseract"

True, and False.

It is True in the sense of how extremely simple it is. 

It is False, in 1 particular case of Jumppads.  The gameplay is fairly stale, the excess Jumppads I use on desertwind/lightspeed/pinelake and such, really help to spice the gameplay on the map up a bit.


My proposition for gameplay improvements: powerup-based Instagib. 

1: Shield powerup. - You can survive 1 shot, you cannot pick up more than 1 shield per 1 life.  If you lose your shield, you have to die to collect another shield.

2: Double Fire Rate - Railgun/Pulse rifle fire twice as fast, for 10 to 20 seconds.

3: Extra Explosive Radius - The Pulse Rifles Explosions are 2-3x bigger for 10-20 seconds.

4: 25-50% Run Speed Boost - 10-20 seconds of faster running.  Ideal for CTF.

The next few powerups are thoughts, but may/may not be OP/Appropriate.

5: Shotgun - Pulse rifle/Railgun fire 3 shots in triangle formation for 10-20 seconds.

6: Higher jump height - you jump 2x as high for 10-20 seconds. Ideal for CTF


The logic behind powerup-based Instagib:

The powerups can stack.  You can have double fire rate, bigger explosion radius, shield, and 25-50% run speed boost.

You can be this ultra-slayerman.

The balancing aspect?

You can only survive one shot.  Any newbie or casual can end your slayer powers with 1 shot, 2 shots if you have shield. 

The 2nd balancing aspect?

It would be rare to have so many powerups at once, since they expire in 10-20 seconds. 

The 3rd balancing aspect?

It is a 'take advantage of the opportunity' situation.  I.e. on the way to capture flag, you could pick up a 25-50% run speed, on the way pick up a double fire rate to clear the road in front of you.  By the time you capture the flag, your powerups are expired, and you're of equal strength as everyone else again. 

Instead of being this Healthboost loaded, 200 YA guy, that goes back for a 2nd and 3rd flag capture in the same life.


How does powerup-based insta affect casual players?

Due to the balancing aspects, it's fun for everyone, old and new.  In sauer, a new player stands no chance against an experienced FFA-er.

With powerup-based insta, a newbie could challenge a veteran, and it could come out a close game.  The main 'skill factor' separating the newbie and veteran would simply be who aims better. 

The shield powerup being available only 1 time per 1 life, means you are unable to stay indefinitely invincible.

Think in the Casual's mindset.  "I wanna get on, have some fun and leave"  -They get on, they can get some kills have a good time, they leave then they come back again.

Rather than "I wanna get on and get destroyed by veterans and not have a fighting chance" - They will just leave and not come back.


In the event eihrul considers the powerup-based instagib, the powerup list should be extremely small.  The first 4, in my opinion, are suitable.

If you have ideas for powerups, it should be a simple powerup.  Something that, in the event someone tries to control it, it will not be excessively advantageous to the person controlling it.

I.E.: someone tries to control the Double Fire Rate.  The opponent could come in with Shield + Extra explosion radius pulse rifle, and take control of the spot.  By the time the enemy comes back, your extra explosion expired, thus you are of equal strength to the enemy.  It's Fair Game.

In sauer, the person with 200 YA and a ton of Healthboosts, loaded with rockets, will have no problem controlling the HB/Quad/YA, essentially making the enemy just a cockroach to squish.


In the end this is my vision for the gameplay.  Fair, Fun, Simple. 

It benefits both sides.  eihrul likes simplicity, I feel this gameplay is very simple, very easy to implement.

It benefits the players as it gives more than just ultra-simple wasd-jumping instagib.

Drop your opinions.

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Re: Gameplay Discussion / Improvements

I talk on private chats about this matter with some people, including you Arde, but I want to leave my opinion here, not lost in Sauer logs or Discord DMs...

So, first of all, any1 can make a suggestion and share it, opinions are welcome, and they can't hurt any1. Opinion like "add FFA and Effic in Tesse" sounds good, I love both FFA and Effic, but that gives new problems... Weapons made by Gear and previous modelers aren't in Tesse because of their license as far as I know, so if some1 wants FFA and Effic, there's not just coding part to be done in Tesse's source-code, but modeling those weapons, exporting them in .iqm format, checking if it works properly in Tesse, making sounds for them, baking textures so they fit current Tesse's aesthetics, and lastly balancing those weapons, so they make sense to use, and that they have instant feedback. :D

With all that being said, lets assume that some1 can do all that in reasonable amount of time, send it to e, and share it under license that is something like CC-BY-ish... My opinion (finally) is that game should provide fun for wider range of players, while also keep it's "identity". In case of Tesse, I see Tesse as simple aFPS/Edit game. So, you come back from work or college, have 20 minutes free before diner, you load /newmap and make layout, or go to some public server and frag other people... But, why not offering fun for people who would like more complex gameplay, like that FFA or even Effic, if it can be implemented in a very simple manner? I'll give my short vision of FFA and Effic that could work in Tesse. :3

FFA in Tesse:
You spawn with Shotgun, 100HP and 0AP. You can pick up Chaingun, Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher as weapons, Quad Damage(10s), +50AP and +100AP as boosts. So, no YA or HB, you are always under risk of being fragged. It makes it more simple with lesser weapons, Fist is (cooler version of) Chainsaw, and Pistol was really useless unless you have QD. Weapons should be strong, but less than in Sauer, because there's no YA and HB. Also, hazards from FFA come from community, not from gamemode I believe... :)

Effic in Tesse:
Well, you spawn with 100HP and 100AP, with ammo for 5-6 frags total, balanced through weapons. Basically, Effic is for people that doesn't find fun in FFA, and Insta is for people that doesn't find fun in Effic.

If some1 doesn't like to frag at all, he can simply have fun in Edit, making maps and posting here on Forum. If he doesn't even make maps, nor chat in specmode on servers, he can code! So much possibilities with /while 1 and other commands, not to mention you can change every single thing in UIs, if you understand Nieb's code and can ignore 3-space Tabs. Tesse can provide so much fun, but it isn't finished game, altho it's fully playable... ;)

As for some other things, I'd make movement speed same as in Sauer, and I'd make playermodels same dimensions as in Sauer, not to mention to remove crouch mechanic from game... But again, this is not Sauer, nor I can make those decisions... It's just what I think it's right, but every1 see things differently. All I can do now, is make mapmodels, textures, maps, and new UIs... Some minor source-code changes too, so I can see "\f4[\f8Loading\f4] Octree...", instead of "\f7loading octree..." :d

Sokky for too much text
Cheers, Suiseiseki aka 7YearBitch aka Daemes ;D


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