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i wanna play on tesseract with my cousin so please open the server, the server says newer protocol and I can not enter  if i got errors is for i normaly i talk spanish

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It is probably since you're using an older version of Tesseract, compared to the one the server you're trying to access actually use. You can either (I'm on Windows, dunno about Linux/Mac):

  1. Run your own server (either you or your cousin) by double-clicking on "server.bat" in your Tesseract folder and then, once in game, type:

    /lanconnect (if you're in a LAN)

    or if you want to use your external IP:

    /connect your.ip.address port (example: /connect 42000)

    Make sure to configure your router (if you have one) to forward the ports 41998 to 42000 (see attached image) and if you like to make some changes to the server configuration, you can do it by editing "server-init.cfg" in the "config" folder. Make sure both you and your cousin are using the same version of Tesseract. Router Config

  2. As an alternative solution, you can both just upgrade your version of Tesseract by downloading one of the latest Nightly releases (warning: potentially unstable) and the "newer protocol" message should disappear: https://tesseract.pupskuchen.net/latest/.

Hope it helps. :)

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