#1 2017-08-06 17:35:20


UI float-stepped sliders behave in a broken fashion

1) operating system:
    Windows 10

2) GPU and OpenGL version:
    Renderer: GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2 (NVIDIA Corporation)
    Driver: 4.0.0 NVIDIA 382.05
    GLSL: 4.00 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

3) version of Tesseract:
    SVN Rev 2144, 2017-07-22

4) Error information:

* All references to a "float-stepped slider" are for sliders with a step less than 1, for example: 0.1.

    1a. Scrolling in a page also scrolls slider values on accident when the mouse momentarily hovers over a slider in-between scrolls and results in unintended option changes which can be difficult to pinpoint and return to their old value
    1b. Scrolling a slider in the Options menu results in the page scrolling down or up, causing slider scrolling to be tough or impossible to use
    2a. Holding a float-stepped slider button and moving it around results in the slider button twitching between stepped values as it attempts to snap to the nearest float-stepped value
    2b. Float-stepped sliders never reach the max value when their buttons/handles are held and dragged by the mouse, yet seem to reach the max value when scrolled

5) Method for reproducing the problem:
    1a-1b. If you go into the Options menu and scroll around while the mouse is in the right-hand side of the scroll area you will notice issues 1 and 2 when the cursor is hovering any slider object, either accidentally as stated in issue 1a or intentionally as described in issue 1b.
    2a-2b. If you grab onto any float-stepped slider such as the "zoom sensitivity" slider and move it slowly in either the left or right direction you will notice that the handle/button twitches as it tries to snap to the nearest stepped value. I also managed to get that slider to land on the value "8.400001" and this rounding issue has also occurred to with other sensitivity sliders. However scrolling seems to be able to reach the max value, but scrolling also suffers from apparent rounding issues and also can return a value such as "8.400001".


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