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Assault Cube Maps Port to Sauerbraten? "" Maps port to Tesseract?

Is there a way to port maps from AC to Sauerbraten or Tess? I'm looking at the cfg code and I have a theory that I can look up the names for Sauer textures/mapmodels/sounds/spawns and just plug them into the code of the cfg file and then have Sauerbraten run the map. Is this possible? IF so, can this process also work with porting maps to Tesseract?


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Re: Assault Cube Maps Port to Sauerbraten? "" Maps port to Tesseract?

importcube command should still work i think (that would be assault>sauerbraten (or any cube 2 mod)) tesseract uses a different map compression and octtree compression format so, probably wont work but you can try after improting it into cube 2 and then saving and moving it to a tess directory. Some maps just disapear and some work or only have minor errors.

On the importcube command you simply have to call the command like you are opening a map so /importcube "MAPNAME". This is an older command so its posible it may throw errors or not work. It is best to remove all the enties (pickups player spawns particles mapmodels etc) before importing. If it still doesnt work you may look at worldio, and see if maybe there is a simple fix to what ever error you are getting. Further more if it doesnt work maybe try downloading an older version of cube 2 when this command was more fresh and try it again then save it and move it to the newer version. It may fix the issue for you.

All things aside the format is very different in assault cube from tesseract because it is no more then a height map, whereas cube 2 is a true voxel (marching cubes) so its like the difference between a 2d picture and a 3d model, so it may or may not work. Though if it doesnt work right off the bat it may just be easier to remake the map.

OK heres the documentation on the command.

I assume that assualt cube uses cgz files. If not then you need to first change it to a cgz file. IF it still doesnt work then you need to find the difference between the assualt cube format and the old cube 1 file format and make the adjustments in the assualt cube code (most likely) in the worldio saveworld() function.

good luck :)

NOTE: YOU MUST PUT THE CGZ FILE IN PACKAGES/CUBE for it to be found by cube (it says it in the documentation but you know how people dont read shit :)

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