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Asking for people to build a map

Hello community :)

I'm new to Tessaract and what I've seen at the servers is really great!

Congratulations for the people too, everyone is really helpful.

I'm here to ask for people who would like to create a (more or less, why not) big map with mixed content between city and forest.
I know some people said that if it's too big It will not be playable because te performance and so, but I think if it gets really huge, we can cut it in parts and then create new maps with that.

But the idea first is to create a big map with that topic.

As I said, I'm new and I'm not awesome at creating maps, that's why I'm here to tell you about the map and if someone is interested... I'll be really glad :)

About the map, I have something but nothing in reality. I've called it «Outsider» and the server has the same name.

At first, is protected with password because some guys entered and started to ruin it all. So I think, if somebody is interested, can join at the IRC channel or tell me something here for get the password.

Otherwise, if it gets popular, we could make it totally public, I don't know.

So well, I'll be happy if more peeps want to join!

Tell me whatever you think here or on the IRC channel! :D


#2 2014-06-13 17:23:55


Re: Asking for people to build a map

Seems like a fun thing to do, for the sake of doing it, a longterm map that people get on and make changes and sees what everyone else did the day before. Wouldn't work without moderation, so password probly needs to stay.


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