#1 2020-06-18 06:34:25


How sad to see Tessarct stagnating :(

Hello community my name is David looking for some mechanics that I want from Quake for Unreal Engine 4 I came across this open source game, although it seems spectacular to me it seems very rigid in many ways which prevents the community around Tesseract from growing and that allow to publicize the project.

Tesseract looks like a very promising project but many things jam all the little documentation, lack of tutorials, guides and others have stalled Tesseract what for me is a shame I would have liked to create something with the very style of the 99 sand games but it is very obsolete it is a pity that a project like this is so stagnant I hope they can improve it and make the community big for the moment I could try to make some game mod and it is a real nightmare, I do not make this comment with bad intentions, I do it to improve it and Take out of the stagnation you are in, it is sad to see something so good in these conditions, having nothing more to say thanks for reading my post.


#2 2020-07-15 11:12:02


Re: How sad to see Tessarct stagnating :(

Yeah, while Tesseract as a game has stagnated, the engine has been picked up by other projects, for example Red Eclipse 2, which is actually available on Steam.


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