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License(s) for Tesseract maps

I have not been able to find the license terms for most of the (fantastic) maps that ship with Tesseract, including:

* Alphacorp (Jack Viney)
* complex (Dylan Ackerly, Shane Nieb)
* ot
* steelribs (Sławomir Błauciak)
* test_anim
* test_ctf (Shane Nieb)
* test_model
* turbine
* waterworks (Kurt Kessler)

The only map that has a specified license is Reflection (James Rucks & Yannick Weber, CC BY-SA 3.0).

Since I would like to use (and possibly build upon) some of these maps in my own fork, I need to know under what terms I can use them.

Does anyone have any more information?


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Re: License(s) for Tesseract maps

ot, turbine, are both sauer maps so im sure there liceince is on that sauerbrauten.org

waterworks, alphacorp was posted on here i think theres a licience listed?

steelribs idk

test_model, test_anim are both just dev maps so idk why youd wanna use them ;p

complex, test_ctf are both niebs and everything else of nebs is creative commons (including all the models in both maps) so i think its safe to assume they have the same licience.


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Re: License(s) for Tesseract maps

Thanks! I'll look some more. I think I'll try to clarify the licenses and clear it with the respective authors.

Perhaps it'd be a good idea to add the missing license info to the Tesseract SVN repo?


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