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Incoorect output from Tesseract

HI group,
I did a test of Tesseract right after I installed it and got some bogus output.
My test used this image for input:
[http://mt-umunhum-wireless.net/Sources/ … screen.png]
and got this for the output
[http://mt-umunhum-wireless.net/Sources/ … screen.txt]

Hope this will help?


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Re: Incoorect output from Tesseract


@editing the edit
Are you using tesseract-ocr (because this would make way more sense) if so this is not the forum for that this is for a 3d engine. Tesseract-OCR forum. I think this is what you where looking for, sorry about the confusion.

ps the website you linked has all kinds of security errors, like all the files are fairly exposed.


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