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Character from Mixamo

How to import objects like character from Adobe Mixamo service?
How can I upload object include package animations to tesseract engine - format example fbx ?


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Re: Character from Mixamo

You'll either have to go with .md5, .obj or .iqm, I don't believe there is support for any other model formats that support animation.


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Re: Character from Mixamo

You need to incode them in the following formats:
md2-5 (five is recomened, 99% of models in cube engine games are this if they have animation)
iqm (a new format that is not well supported [from what ive seen])
sdm (not 100% how well this format actually computes saying that value [the man users of this format, may have changed the encoding [its mostly used for the source engine])
obj (this will not allow animation but is better for static models cuz its easy to work with)

simple answer is to google fbx to md5, there is a tutorial to do it from blender, so if you can convert to a *.blend (normally you can't) or check blenders forums there may be a way to convert this. There should be a md5 converter for most major modeling programs, though it can be toughy cuz md5 is almost exclusively used for doom 3, which came out ages ago.

Once you get it in one of the above formats you will need to go into models create a folder like (player) or something, then simply create a new text file and call it, MODELTYPE.cfg (so if its md5 it will be md5.cfg) Then open this as a text file, and add MODELTYPEload and MODELTYPEskin (so in this case md5load and md5skin) then point these to your mesh and your basic diffused skin repectively.

Next you will need to add specular and glow, and enviroment maps, this is done in one texture called a mask. Simply add each of these maps on seperate channels of a texture red for spec, green for glow and blue for env. THis is not required but you should do. Then also have a bump map, same as above not required but good to have.

Then tell the engine where these maps are by calling MODELTYPEbump and MODELTYPEmask respectively.

Lastly you will need to define all the animations. This is easiest to just look at the model that is already in the game and make it from that. So simply create a seperate file and call it animation.cfg (this is not required but makes it look more organized). Then just look at how this is done already and follow it its pretty self-explanatory.

Lastly you will need to go into the code and change the player model location. Just do a search for it, it should be in a static define somewhere, just type the current model location in the global search.

I would start by loading in the model as a mapmodel first, so do the following.

type /mapmodelrestart; //to clear the current models in the index buffer;
type /mmodel "YOURMODELLOCATION" //starting with the model folder, so if its model/player/mymodel/ this should be the folder your config file is in.
type /newasent model //or whatever *.halo file you have that simply just calls the model renderer.

if It shows up all yellow it means your texture is wrong and you need to check your MODELTYPEskin function. if it doesnt show up you did something wrong.

if you have any questions ask

NOTE: This is the model reference with all the model commands it explains all of this and way more.
NOTE: this exporter is old but it converts from blender to md5. you may have to use an older version of blender (idb the new version has problems). May also want to check the web to see if some one else wrote a new one. Also this is a link to how to export the model, there are some orientation things to keep in mind about Tesseract. It is a Z UP.


PS: any other questions just ask :)

@ragz: OBJ CANT BE ANIMATED :))))))

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