#1 2016-05-11 03:33:56


Segmentation fault on display graphics changing

Please provide the following information with ALL bug reports:
1) Your operating system:
OS X El Captain 10.11.4

2) Your GPU and OpenGL version (shown in-game on start-up as the "Renderer:" and "Driver:" lines):
Intel HD Graphics 4000 Driver Intel 4.1

3) Which version of Tesseract you used
Latest from website

4) Error information such as backtraces or a clear description of the problem
When changing settings in the display menu from high to low, there was one seg fault.

5) Method for reproducing the problem
go to options->display->check morophoral, temporal, multisample settings. Click yes to accept changes, turn off. It only crashed once and it was difficult to replicate the bug. However I still felt i'd report it.


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