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Adding a teamplay round based gamemode?

So I have this idea to make a simple multiplayer team based game.

The idea is that there are two teams, each team faces each other, each player chooses preselected weapons they want to use. The last team to survive wins, this goes on until x number of round wins or a specific duration of time passes (say 30 minutes) then a new map rotation occurs.

Anyways I am wondering what would be the best way to accomplish this in tesseract, my C++ understanding is sort of limited and the code base seems rather complex. So far I can compile tesseract from code and add/modify weapons based on the forum tutorials.

As far as I can tell, I would need to modify game.h & server.cpp to add what I am describing.

Currently I'm looking at Valhalla Project by garsipal as an example for the moment, as last man standing mode is about half way there, but there seem to be quite a few additions which I'm not sure I can make sense of yet.

If anyone has any suggestions, tutorials or anywhere you can point me, would be helpful. Thanks.

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