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Side scrolling Game?

Hello Tesseract forums,

If you remember there was an old project which gave us a side scrolling mod to Sauerbraten
http://cubeengine.com/forum.php4?action … 64&start=1

My question is:
"Actually is it possible with Tesseract to make the same thing, a side scrolling game"?
"And with SSP as base?"

I'd like to see a game like that in the future. Like Donkey Kong or Rayman.

Thank you.


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Re: Side scrolling Game?

All you have to do is change the way the camera works. Just write a little logic to the camera to make it follow the player(s) in a particular way. Tho I assume you mean more 2.5d or like Trine, the cave, mario brothers super smash brawl. etc.

There would be a few things that you would need to do the make this better, because the way an octree works its a 3 dimensional grid. SO you could be build efficiency a few ways. The easiest way I would say is to change the way the octree works, so its more linnear, (remember all maps are perfect cubes, so if you are only moving along one dimension then you lose efficiency. So having many octrees lined side by side, or setting up a zone system etc.

Making the maps dig into, and dig out (utilizing more of the level. Allowing for bi directional movement (x, y. like an over the shoulder aerial camera [ they do this in trine 3]), so it would be more like a zig zag through the map, using more depth of the map, rather than a strict, side to side design.

So yes its possible and fairly easy to do. Just you would probably want to optimize it, so you don't have 100 loading screens, or just ridiculously large maps that don't render well.


PS: most the links on that forum post dont work :)


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