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Multiplayer (in)stability?

I set up a LAN server to play with my brother, and something unusual happened. He could join the game, but could not do anything but spectate unless the game mode was edit.

I've played normal LAN games before where ctf and dm and Tdm all worked fine, but for some reason my brother couldn't et out of spectator mode by clicking play. I set him as a master along with me, but it still wouldn't work.

Another thing I found, I'm not sure if it's a bug or just a paradox of some kind, is that you cannot change maps to a map that 50% or more of the players don't have, bc it forces players to vote a majority to change the map by selecting the proposed map.

Any help would be appreciated, if I'm doing something wrong when I set up the server or what.


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Re: Multiplayer (in)stability?

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