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Any on these could help, it took me a long time to find good ones

All of these have open-source licenses as far as i can tell, perhaps you can use some of these in future versions

We need to push this engine to the limit.

*Physics Collisions are way to inefficient in ALL modern engines - SOLID/RAPID used in current engines (i'm not sure whats used in Tesseract), Physx was created to solve this problem but its terrible, OPCODE is way better then all of the above
OPCODE 1.3.2

*Time to optimize meshes to their limits, if you don't know Pixar released OpenSubdiv some time back, its already used in latest Call of Duty games and its a beast, able to squeeze em many times smaller

*I'm sure we can squeeze more performance out of all the textures and the compression we are currently using if we switched to this, its used partially in Planetside 2 and they achieved open-world, large battles featuring up to 2000 players per continent on foot or in land/air vehicles, i think this is useful LOL :)

*We need to push ahead our Physics rendering to support volumetric in everything, Stanford University has many open source projects that can serve as good blueprints for how to implement it very efficiently

*If we want wide support for different images and texture to use we can adopt ResIL, successor to DevIL image library that is still being developed
Here's what DeviL can do and ResIL continues doing (no longer developed)

*Lets really compress our shaders to squeeze last bits of performance out of the framework
Shader Minifier by CTRL+ALT+TEST, i see no downside to this beside losing some debug code (but in the final it should be removed anyway)(be careful with this, its VERY POWERFUL, it can eat your shaders if you are not careful, i must really warn you LOL)
Features list:
Latest version (1.1):

*OpenAL is limited and no longer developed properly since Creative is focusing on licensing it for closed source projects now (only the old version remains open), so why aren't we using this, it supports way more than regular OpenAL and its extremely efficient
Adalin's Aeonwave-HD 4D
http://www.adalin.com/index.html?frame2 … nwave.html

*Scripting is the work horse for building out complex gameplay mechanics that are just too much hassle for C/C++ and not very efficient, if we would implement Croc (successor to minid)(more efficient then LUA/Squirrel)(This ain't complete either it still requires work)

*Now time to go to fairy land (wild wild ideas baby), Ethereum, i can't even begin to describe what we can do with this, but i hope it can help us

*PNGGauntlet / Optimizer Textures
I see no reason why we can't optimize each and every texture to make sure they run at MAX SPEED and be SMALLEST IN SIZE.


*Croc , heres another crazy idea, you know how LUA/Squirrel has been slowly addded to modern engines to make complex gameplay features possible, well what about using the most efficient derivative  of both of these languages?

Heres more precise Introduction to it:

I hope this helps ;)

If anything superior is already implemented GOOD WORK GUYS. I'm just sharing my ideas.

If any or all this is just too much to implement or not good oh well, atleast i gave you tons of suggestions to base your work on.

I have been scouring the webs for anything that is as efficient as possible and i have so far come up with these.

Looking forward to the next version.

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Lord Kv

Re: Suggestions

I think that rather than adding more features into the engine it needs to use the features it already has.
Realtime lighting engine. Is it used in any way other that making mapping a bit more comfortable? No. The only display of this feature that you notice in-game is player shadows and games can do that for more than 10 years now.
Tesseract is a static game with dynamic lighting. Unused potencial.

To fix this, it needs to be made more dynamic. Moving, color changing lights, moving geometry, particles which give light and cast shadows... Best of all, the engine already seems to have all it takes to introduce this. Moving entities are basically a reality with the in-game editor and Sauer's singleplayer, dynamic geometry could be accomplished with mapmodels and triggers (an option to instantly convert selected geometry into model would be handy - and Tesseract can already do this with a whole map), also multiplayer triggers would allow for dynamical gamemodes like Assault from Unreal Tournament. Cubescript would need to be expanded to allow for entity position and attribute changes in multiplayer game.

You could make things like flames and lights changing color based on who scored last in CTF, assault maps where you would have a huge explosion (enlightening everything and casting long shadows) when the attacking team wins... the posibilities are endless.


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Re: Suggestions

Well if you read my suggestions you should know that most of them are improvement to existing features NOT new ones


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Re: Suggestions

Lord Kv wrote:

The only display of this feature that you notice in-game is player shadows and games can do that for more than 10 years now.

These are fully dynamic, directional, realistic lights, unlike older shadows which were sometimes blurry and didn't care about light direction.

Don't forget negative lights are supported too, as well as shading of negative lights.

You can put a light inside a teleport, it'll somehow animate. :P

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Re: Suggestions

Added some more ideas - PNGGauntlet/Optimizer Textures/Croc
Changed from old OPCODE to new updated one - http://www.lia.ufc.br/~gilvan/cd/

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